I'm honored and humbled to have become an MTD artist. To own an electric bass made by the hands of legendary master-luthier Michael Tobias, has been my dream for about 16 years. This dream has finally come true and I'm thrilled to express my wholehearted gratitude to Michael for his support and belief in what I do. Mike Tobias is one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet and his incredible personality translates into his incredible instruments. His instruments are some of the most incredible sounding contemporary electric basses you'll every find - they're incredible tonal palette, insane playability and enchanting warm voice will make any heart melt. They stand at the same level, as top antique, high end string instruments. That's a rare statement in regard to contemporary electric instruments. Mike's instruments are so amazing, once you try one, you can't stop playing it. The MTD basses virtually fit any genre, since the EQ is so versatile in the onboard Bartolini preamp and the wood combinations are very resonant. You can make those instruments cry, punch, groove, growl, sing lyrically, or gallop furiously from register to register. In one word, each bass that comes out of Mike's hands is a unique piece of art. Thank you Mike, Daniel, Charlie, Ilan and everybody at MTD for all the hard work you put into your incredible craft and making me a part of the MTD family! I look forward to many years of collaboration and friendship!


Pirastro Double Bass strings have played an invaluable role in my search for ultimate personal tone - the Eudoxa, Oliv and Evah Pirazzi are my strings of choice. These strings have a dark, rich, complex tone and are warm, beautiful, articulate, voice-like, punchy and noble. They allow for the subtlest nuances in my playing and they can pizz and bow equally enchantingly. These strings are also the most versatile I know and be it Jazz, Classical or virtually any style of music, these strings will consistently deliver best results. I couldn't be happier, thank you, Adrian Mueller and all of Pirastro, from my heart!


Michael Tobias is one of the most popular and in demand bass luthiers in the industry today. Not only his basses look amazing, but their sound is incredible. With MTD Electric Bass Strings, any bass player can enjoy some of MTD's engineering on their MTD or any other bass. The MTD Bass Strings are the same used on Michael Tobias's basses since 1994. MTD custom wound electric bass strings are designed from input received from some of the finest bass players in the world and deliver a bright, brilliant, distinctive tone with great feel, tonal definition and a strong punch. Again, thank you, Mike, for making me a part of the MTD family!


I am very fortunate to have the privilege of being an Acoustic Image artist. I use and endorse its amps and speaker cabinets with much enthusiasm, as these products are the true magic of sound amplification. When I play the upright bass, I want my acoustic sound to get out there and be amplified as true to its nature as possible. With Acoustic image at my side, it feels that my natural acoustic sound projects through the rhythm section acoustically, as if there is no amp there at all - just the pure sound. It does not get any more acoustic than that! And, when its time to plug in any of my electric basses, be it the 6 string, with that low end, or the smooth fretless, the power, the punch, the precision and the articulation are amazingly accurate - this amp can carry it all. This lightweight, discrete powerhouse is a bass players dream come true!!! Thank you to everybody at Acoustic Image and especially, maestro Rick Jones!!!


I am enjoying the sound of Fishman's amazing Full Circle acoustic bass pick-up and their incredible Bass Platinum Pro-EQ Preamp - the sound is just magical and the precision and accuracy are outstanding. Remarkable is the fact that this pick-up reproduces the bass sound in the most "acoustic" way - without all that artificial coloring that's associated with most electronic pick-ups. These two Fishman devices blend perfectly with my mic and make my sound rounded and complete. Thank you, Chris De Maria, Corey Congilio and everybody at Fishman!


I have been using the EBS Black Label pedals with great excitement. The Multi-Comp makes my sound even all along the frequency range and helps my bass gain the power to cut through large mixes and support the band in any situation.The Multi-Comp's Tube Sim mode adds an extra warmth and growl to my sound that I've always longed for. The Chorus/Flanger is beautiful and adds a lot to my solo sound, as in fast tempos, as in lyrical compositions. The Octaver is incredible - it gives so much depth and tri-dimensional feel, when its called upon. In conjunction with the Bass IQ pedal (the EBS auto-wah version) the Octaver sounds like a Space-Bass :) And finally, it doesn't get funkier than using the Bass IQ when you need to spice it up in the pocket and add some funk to that trunk. Thank you EBS for making me a part of your family of artists!

Xotic Pedals - I needed a compressor for my Pedaltrain Mini board and, as I have very little space on it, I needed something tiny that did a job of a giant. The Xotic SP compressor came to my rescue. This pedal is as flexible, as to give you anything from pure clean boost of up to 15db or compression with no boost or boost and compression altogether in any combination. Xotic SP compressor is a wonderful edition to any pedal board!

EWS Japan Bass Mid-Range Control - its a little monster that gives you all that midrange juicy goodness that is often missing in the mix otherwise. Whether its to boost your soloing, or cut through a heavy mix while playing behind a band, this can give you that kick that you need. In addition, if you feel you have too much midrange, you can use the BMC to cut your mids. It has a very serious boost and cut knob stacked on top of a frequency sweeping knob that sweeps between 120Hz to 3kHz - that gives you an insane tonal palette and flexibility to adjust your mids to their maximum finesse - it provides an incredible tonal versatility. Very impressed and glad to add it to my pedal arsenal!


So you get all these dream instruments that you want, expensive, fragile, so precious to you - how do you protect them in transit, when you're heading to you next gig? The answer is: Reunion Blues. Made of either highly durable leather or ballistic fabric, since 1976, Reunion Blues instrument bags have upstaged the rest with unsurpassed luxury and functionality. With their rugged construction, a precise fit, and convenient features, these bags protect every inch. In addition, these are the most stylish and classy instrument cases I've ever come across. Thank you, Michelle and everybody at Reunion Blues for making me a part of the family!


Gruv Gear is a ultimate symbol of innovation and creativity with regard to the past and look to the future of ultimate balance of hipness and practicality. Knowing Jay for a while now, I know that whatever he puts his hands on, becomes a jewel. I am using Gruv Gear MTD FretWraps and can't be happier with them - no matter how good one is, when you have to play a solo with a distortion on a six string bass, unwanted overtones are virtually unavoidable. The FretWraps give just the right amount of muting to avoid overtones that are uncalled for, which helps so much, especially when recording in the studio. On my cue are the Duo and Solo Straps, Solo Lite and V-Cart solo carts, the Stadium bag and many more products that these guys are creating. They're all Gruvy!!!