Honeybee and the City (Music Trailer) - movie directed, written and produced by Anastasia Shorstova; music composed, arranged and produced by Eddy Khaimovich; sound design and programming by Ilia Skibinsky.

A documentary movie about the importance of preserving the Honey Bees population on the planet and in New York City in particular. The movie discusses the 10 year long ban of honeybees keeping in NYC, the long struggle of animal activists and honeybee keepers to cancel that ban, the victorious resolution of that struggle and the return of the honeybee keepers to this wonderful city.

Copyrights details:

Honeybee and the City - Movie Copyrights ©℗ 2010 Anastasia Shorstova.
Honeybee and the City - Music Copyrights ©℗ 2010 Tullushka Music, ASCAP.