With Sharik Hasan Quartet. "Jack O'Lantern Jig" by Sharik Hasan (fragment). This video includes piano solo, bass solo, head out and outro vamp.

Sharik Hasan, piano, compositions
Adam Larson, saxophone
Eddy Khaimovich, double bass
Jonathan Pinson, drums

Recorded live at the former Something' Jazz Club (currently Club Bonafide) in New York City, in Winter of 2015.

With NY Jazzharmonic Big Band directed by Ron Wasserman. Includes a bass solo. This is Mvt. 9, "Thrice Out of Style" (from Season |||, "Winter in Greenwich Village") from Ron Wasserman's original suite for big band called "The Four Seasons of New York Jazz" - world-premiere performance at Symphony Space in NYC.

With German Gonzalez & Arturo Stable: "Beyond All Limits" by Woody Shaw arranged in the genre of Afro-Cuban Timba. The video starts in the middle of guitar solo, followed by bass solo and percussion solo.

With Prophets

Landscapes (by Dr. Ronn Yedidia)

Dr. Ronn Yedidia, piano, keyboards, compositions
Marc Stocker, flute
Eddy Khaimovich, MTD USA 635-24 6-string electric bass
Tobias Ralph, drums

Live recording, May 14, 2014 in New York City.

With Dennis Brandner Trio

Upper Manhattan Medical Group (U.M.M.G.) (by Billy Strayhorn)

Dennis Brandner, tenor saxophone
Eddy Khaimovich, double bass
Peter Traunmueller, drums

Recorded live at Sheppard Hall in New York, in December 2014.

With Manhattan Camerata at New York University's Loewe Thetare, NYC 6/2/2009

NAUA by Pedro Da Silva

- Pedro da Silva, guitar
- Nuno Antunes, clarinet
- Jonathan Keren, violin
- Eddy Khaimovich, double bass
- David Silliman, cajón

With Borislav Strulev Chamber Jazz Ensemble, featuring Vadim Neselovskyi

Europa (Carlos Santana, arr./reharm. by Vadim Neselovskyi)

Borislav Strulev, cello
Yaacov Mayman, saxophone
Vadim Neselovskyi, piano
Eddy Khaimovich, MTD 6-string electric bass
Jake Robinson, drums

A concert DVD trailer with Jacob Mayman Quartet.

With Eileen Howard Blues Band

Evil Gal (by Aretha Franklin)

Eileen Howard, vocals
Daniel Bennett, saxophone
Nat Janoff, guitar
Eddy Khaimovich, MTD 6-string electric bass
Darrell Smith, drums
with social guest: Roger Patterson, harmonica